Brick by Brick: Lego's New Building Blocks

Customers create any structure they can imagine using Lego’s freely downloadable Digital Designer software. If they then decide to actually build their creation, the software, which keeps track of which pieces are required, sends the order to this corner of the Enfield warehouse. There, employees put all the pieces (which are grouped in standardized bags) into a box, along with instructions, and ship it off. “We’ve been toying with this…


Twenty Special Forms of Rhetoric

# Proof by Name Dropping A: What do you think about objection X? B: Well, BigNamei, BigNamej, and BigNamek agree with me. LittleNamei might agree with you, if only they were that silly. # Proof by Absentee Belittlement A: What do you think about objection X? B: Person C, who is not here to defend themselves, thinks that. They are silly. You are silly. # Proof by Humility A: What…


—BlogSearch (Google) Google’s new blog search engine. Looks like it pays too much attention to splogs (fake websites that look like blogs, but exist only to drive traffic to commercial sites). Nevertheless, I found a few references to SHU blogs that I didn’t see in other search engines.