Evening Reading [World of Warcraft Plague]


I’m a reporter with National Public Radio and I’m doing a story on the plague that’s hit World of Warcraft. I’m really interested in talking to some people who play the game about the plague and what’s been done about it and generally how it feels to have your virtual character done in by a plague.

Are you a player and do you know others who might speak with me? Let me know. You can email me at LSydell@npr.org or call me at 415-503-3164.

Thanks. I look forward to talking with you!

Laura —Evening Reading [World of Warcraft Plague] (Shacknews)

Sounds interesting.

Looks like a software bug infects players who’ve come into contact with a particular bad guy. And the infection spreads.

First noticed on kairosnews, which credits ArsTechnica.