Google Base: All your base are, in fact, belong to us

I couldn’t help but make a joke with the title, because it’s seemingly right on the money. You see, Google is getting ready to take the wraps off of a new service called Google Base. If it can be posted online, it would appear that they would, in fact, prefer it belong to them. At least, they’ll store it for you and make it searchable. — Ken FisherGoogle Base: All your base are, in fact, belong to us (Ars Technica)

I think a better title would be “All Your Base Are Belong to Google,” but that’s just me.

For those who don’t get the joke, see “All Your Base Are Belong to Us,” a meme that hit the internet around 2001.

The very fact that we can use wildcards to search Google for variations of phrases means that we can study this process in popular culture, essentially in real time. New to me: the term “snowclone,” one example of which is a variation on Dr. McCoy’s famous line, “I’m a doctor, not a ____.”

The variation, of course, is “I’m a _____, not a _____.”