Welcome to my Blog

This is Denny Hastert and welcome to my blog. This is new to me. I can’t say Im much of a techie. I guess you could say my office is teaching the old guy new tricks. But Im excited. This is the future. And it is a new way for us to get our message out. –Speaker of the House Denny HastertWelcome to my Blog (Speaker’s Journal)

Found via Slashdot, where, if you look beyond the knee-jerk political responses, there’s some interesting discussion on the tone and style of this blog.

One poster writes, “If we expect our policiticans to start web-logging their daily thoughts, we’re going to have to be a lot less hard on them about what they say. Our politicians, like the rest of the human race, are going to have ideas that, when fully thought out, are really bad. In maintaining weblogs some of these bad ideas are going to see international publication.”

There’s this amusing mock post… not hilarious or stunning, but amusing enough:

OMG!!!! What a day! :-(

Georgie said that he didn’t think that I was doing enough to kill the McCain amendment in conference committee. Then I got a call from Dick, and he said that I needed to get the troops in line for the upcoming appropriations bill. They both are so mean sometimes! WTF!!! I just want to do fun speaker stuff like bang my gavel and shout “THERE WILL BE ORDER IN THE HOUSE!” at freshman congressmen, but these guys make me feel really underappreciated. I told Tom about it, and he said that I should just chill out and not worry about them. :-( [sigh]

I was feeling really depressed until I got a call from Condi, who said that she wanted someone to go shopping with her. I had an excellent time with her. We went to The Mall and bought a few odds and ends. She really cheered me up when she did an impression of John Kerry. She spoke in a monotone voice and pulled the sides of her eyes down to look like a basset hound and she said “GLOBAL TEST! GLOBAL TEST!” and “I VOTED FOR IT BEFORE I VOTED AGAINST IT!” ROFLMAO!!!! After we were done laughing, some lady next to us was shopping for flip-flops! Can you believe it! LOLLERSKATES!!!!