Can Videogames Make You Cry?

Still, when asked what art forms speak the most to us, games don’t rank at the top. Ranked 1 to 6, where 1 is the most emotional, the order was: movies, music, books, video/PC games, paintings/artwork, and last cars. (OK, so I have a thing for cars?)

Heavy gamers have more of a feeling for movies. Lighter and younger gamers are more moved by music.

For genres, I thought MMOs would top the list, but RPGs are the runaway winner by far the most emotional genre of videogames. —Hugh BowenCan Videogames Make You Cry? (

This is a teaser article, advertising a full-length report. While I’m very interested in the subject, journalists should be careful of how they use this kind of study.

Was the study peer-reviewed? What was the methodology? What is the author’s purpose in publishing it (and selling copies on his eponymous website)?

I’ll have to look into the death of Aeries from Final Fantasy VII. Interactive fiction fans seem to place the fate of Floyd the robot (from Infocom’s 1983 Planetfall) in the same category.