Kindertransport Performance Discussion

I enjoy discussing things in EL250 in general just because I feel like I learn a lot about all of you who are in there. I feel like I know you all a little better after having these kinds of discussions in class. That is really important to me because I enjoy learning about people and what experiences they have that are different than my own. It really makes me put my own life in perspective and it humbles me by making me realize how much I don’t yet know. So thanks guys! Have a great Thanksgiving! —Lorin SchumacherKindertransport Performance Discussion (LorinSchumacher)

Lorin is a freshman English education major, who took the time to post this cheerful and encouraging post after today’s EL 250 “Drama as Literature” class, during which we discussed our reactions to seeing the school’s production of Kindertransport. We had read the script and discussed it briefly already.

I was surprised that several students said they got more out of reading the play. Of course, students who sign up for a class on “Drama as Literature” are going to bring with them a certain literary bias, but I was still surprised to hear that many students preferred the textual experience to the performance.

It’s not that they were criticizing the performance, which I thought was excellent. I’d prefer to think that they have developed their skill in reading a dramatic text, and they’ve realized when they read a play they have to be the director and each of the actors; when they watch a play, they’re taken along on someone else’s ride.

On the subject of Seton Hill drama, a student in my News Writing class has posted a series of short articles about what it’s like “Behind the Scenes of Seton Hill’s Theatre Program.”

I’d love to see similar projects for other programs.