Volunteers work smoothly for Operation Santa Clause [sic]

—Volunteers work smoothly for Operation Santa Clause [sic] (Tribune-Review [Online]) Dear Santa, For Christmas, what I need most of all is a good copyeditor. Love, Pittsburgh Live.co Okay, okay… To err is human. I shouldn’t be so harsh on whoever typed the headline. It’s gloating blog entries like this that annoy professioal professional journalists and make them think of bloggers as “the enemy.” But as I deal with the final crush…

Not Just Child’s Play

All of the professors interviewed agreed that the Civ3 gods created a universe in which war goes a long way. The gods, of course, are the game designers who determine the algorithms by which history, in the game, will progress. So in order for the game to accurately portray the inputs that spit out world history, the game designers had “better create a damn complex algorithm,” says Alexander Galloway, an…


Please, PLEASE stop

Don’t write the sentence “There has been very little research done on games” in any more papers or articles or theses and essays UNLESS you also have a full bibliography that cites those few existing works. I don’t care how many authorities you cite who may have written those words quite recently. Because yes, gamestudies is a new field, and therefore does not have entire library shelves to themselves, like…

Purple Cow Parodies

In Bovine majesty she stands, Her purple tail she swings, The amethyst cow, To my heart somehow, Perfect joy she brings. —Purple Cow Parodies (Purple Cow) What if Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, John Keats, William Wordsworth, or Rudyard Kipling saw Gelett Burgess’s elusive Purple Cow? Parodies by Susan and David Hollander.