Holy Tango of Literature

Wee, sneaky, glowrin, vill’nous thiefies,

O, how ye filch in half a jiffy! —Holy Tango of Literature

What poets and playwrights would write about if they wrote about anagrams of their own names. The above is from “Robber Runts,” by Robert Burns (not).

I had heard of “Toliets” by T.S. Eliot, but I didn’t see the whole thing in context. “IRS Law Code” by Oscar Wilde is a must-read, as is “An E-Mail” by A. A. Milne (“‘Let’s write an e-mail,’ I say to Pooh.”) and the following excerpt from “Horrid Planet” by Harold Pinter:

R2-D2: (Beeps ominously.)

C-3P0: What are you trying to say? Eh?

R2-D2: (Beeps ambiguously.)

C-3P0: What exactly are you getting at?

R2-D2: (Beeps angrily.)

C-3P0: You?re saying it‘sall my fault.

R2-D2: (Beeps noncommittally.)

Thanks for the laugh, Matt.