The Latest Action Heroes

In the new world of interchangeable, interdependent entertainment modules – athlete performs four songs on soundtrack to movie based on videogame! – a football injury can have unexpected repercussions.

I’m here looking for some insight into the growing practice of adapting games into movies. There are plenty of them – Double Dragon, from Gramercy Pictures, in fall ’94; Street Fighter, which Universal was to put in 2,000 theaters this Christmas; Mortal Kombat, from New Line, in spring ’95. Beyond these loom movies based on Doom, the shareware phenom, and Myst, the fantasy-realm CD-ROM hit.

So far, though, insights are not exactly jumping out at me. —Scott RosenbergThe Latest Action Heroes (Wired)

A 1995 article. Not much has changed, though the Myst movie didn’t materialize.