Literacy, the deaf, and blogs

Because so many deaf children have problems with basic language skills, they get a disproportionate number of exercises related to these “abstract little pieces.” And unfortunately, that’s exactly what most educational games offer–more of the same thing that’s been shown not to work for these people.

So what do I propose? For one thing, I think deaf students, like everyone else, need to write and get responses to work that’s relevant to them. That’s where blogs come in. —Tom WrightLiteracy, the deaf, and blogs (Kairos News)

Another thought-provoking passage: “[O]nline classes provide environments in which hearing isn’t relevant. So do many educational games for children, although some of the preschool-level ones are useless for deaf children, because their directions are in audio. (It always annoyed me that I couldn’t help my kids with these.)”