Why I Am Teaching at SVU — and Why SVU is Important

I saw one ray of hope — a “popular writing” program at Seton Hall University, where nontraditional students (i.e., grownups with day jobs) could earn a degree and, more to the point, gain serious professional training without having to attend a university full time. The fact that one school had dared to attempt such a thing suggested that maybe, someday, the teaching methods and subject matters I had developed over the years might be put to good use with serious students of writing. —Orson Scott CardWhy I Am Teaching at SVU — and Why SVU is Important (Meridian Magazine)

Almost but not quite… isn’t he talking about Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program?

The article itself is noteworthy because it presents Card’s politically incorrect belief, as a Mormon, that Christian values are important to a society that wants to survive.