State of play: is there a role for the New Games Journalism?

Subjective journalism does NOT mean glorifying the writer. Notice how, by the end of “Bow, Nigger” we know everything about the player’s experiences, the thoughts, feelings and theories that emerge during the short light saber battle, but we know nothing about the author him/herself. It’s subjective, but it isn’t self-publicising. It isn’t autobiography. Hunter S Thompson’s own best work — in my opinion — was his political journalism in which he made monsters out of Richard Nixon, George McGovern et al, rather than himself. The modern videogame consumer doesn’t need gonzo heroes acting like Loaded staffers, it needs compassionate, knowledgeable writers. —Keith StuartState of play: is there a role for the New Games Journalism? (Guardian GamesBlog)

I added the link in the body of the above paragraph. Obviously — there’s offensive language on the other end of that link, but if you read it, you’ll see why it’s there.