Fun in New York for under $100

Introduction: Gateway to the World

On Friday January 6, I went to NY for my first self-planned and self-financed trip. I did the planning, the research, and I didn’t rely on my parents or older relatives for transportation (to get around Manhattan). I was pretty much on my own (of course I was accompanied by my cousin/friend because I’m not that insane to go by myself).

Part I: Getting to NY (I want to be a part of it, New York, New York…)

Ch 1: Planning and the Budget
Ch 2: Putting together the Itinerary
Ch 3: Guidebook and Mastering the MTA New York City Subway
Ch 4: Asking Around/Talking to Friendly Strangers

Part 2: the NY Adventure (it’s not possible to see everything … in one trip)
Ch 5: Chinatown
Ch 6: The Empire State Building
Ch 7: The Metropolitan Art Museum
Ch 8: Lounging in Times Square and Pictures

Conclusion: Microcosm of the WorldMike DiezmosFun in New York for under $100 (Eye-Opener: Memo)

A Seton Hill journalism minor and committed blogger posted this great student-oriented resource to New York City.