Korea's divided families count the cost of a good education…

Life in South Korea revolves around education. Graduating from one of the country’s top three universities is a ticket to a good job and marriage. Thirteen of the 18 cabinet members attended Seoul National, the most prestigious.

Students as young as 10 attend hagwon – cramming schools – until 11pm on weekdays and 8pm on Saturdays. The average family spends a tenth of its income on private education, worth a total Dollars 8bn last year.

High school students live by the mantra “four in, five out”, a Korean saying reflecting the belief that those who sleep for only four hours a night will get into a top university but those who languish in bed for five hours will not.

So critical is the university entrance examination that government offices and the Korea Stock Exchange open an hour late to keep roads clear and airplanes are grounded during the listening test. —Anna FifieldKorea’s divided families count the cost of a good education… (First News | FT.com)

Now that’s dedication.

Via Joanne Jacobs.