Flesh and Blood

Meaning Usually refers to one’s family. Sometimes used (as in Shakespeare’s original) to denote all living creatures. Origin From Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Clown: I have been, madam, a wicked creature, as you and all flesh and blood are; and, indeed, I do marry that I may repent. —Flesh and Blood (The Prhase Finder) Er, no, that’s not from Hamlet. It’s from All’s Well That Ends Well (I.iii). I love quirky online databases,…

Macramé Disaster

I panicked and tried to pat out the fire with my hands but the brittle, dry macramé cord was fully ablaze within a few seconds. All I could do was stand there and scream for help. The owl was now a fireball which was scorching my wall and dropping cinders onto the carpet. —Macramé Disaster (Catenema) Also worth reading — Cub Scout Confidential. Found via an amusing MetaFilter thread on macramé.