Time for the last post

But as with any revolution, we must ask whether we are being sold a naked emperor. Is blogging really an information revolution? Is it about to drive the mainstream news media into oblivion? Or is it just another crock of virtual gold – a meretricious equivalent of all those noisy internet start-ups that were going to build a brave ?new economy? a few years ago?

Shouldn’t we just be a tiny bit sceptical of another information revolution following on so fast from the last one – especially as this time round no one is even pretending to be getting rich? Isn’t the problem of the media right now that we barely have time to read a newspaper, let alone traverse the thoughts of a million bloggers? —Trevor ButterworthTime for the last post (FT.com)

The point of blogging isn’t that you can easily read what other people write. It’s that they can easily read what you write. It’s not the reading that’s a new component of the blogosphere, it’s the writing.