Found Poetry Exercise: So Rich with Lines I Could Post

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Found Poetry Exercise: So Rich with Lines I Could Post (Seton Hill University — Home Page)

I can’t remember when I first noticed it, but that’s a “Blog!” link on the SHU home page. I’m delighted to see the value of SHU blogging reflected in such a visible way.

While the context suggests that the link will point to a place where prospective students can blog, the link points to the always useful SHU Admissions weblog. Of course, there is a wealth of other blogging going on at SHU, and which might also be of interest to prospective students.

I’m not feeling well enough to do this subject justice, but I can still copy and paste. So, in honor of all the great blogging at Seton Hill University, I present this “found poetry” exercise. Blog on, my friends!

So Rich with Lines I Could Post

First let me say that I am more than excited to finally be reading this story again.

The Bush Administration walks a fine line when it comes to finding out

the wolverine is the big pimp daddy of the animal kingdom.

he seems to be waiting for Ceasar to act and then he will counter-act

“separated” was the box I checked off

In the final pane, Snoopy asks, “Sick doesn’t count?”

I have enough boxes for the first fifteen craftsters

our line of yellow windows must have contributed their share

She would rathter be ignorant of the affair

the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool

Upon arriving to campus Tuesday evening, you will meet other sleepover guests

This process continues until all the pieces in the room have been judged five times.

I love the way Cleopatra is described. She is the one who really rules

she is somehow better than he is, as a member of the “secret society”

Last semester, it was OK to uses APA Citation. Now we have to use MLA

do you think that love can work in something like politics?