Student Teaching

Dr. Jerz,

Hello, this is Jenna O’Brocto. I am currently student teaching at Southmoreland High School, and I am responsible for teaching two journalism classes. I was very apprehensive about this assignment, since I have only taken one journalism course, but I wanted to commend you on the amount of information I was able to take from your class. I absolutely love teaching the Journalism classes, and I have been able to use many of your lessons and strategies. I never realized how much I learned last semester until I started teaching it to others, and I have you to thank for making this possible.
-Jenna O’Brocto, “Student Teaching” (E-Mail)

Finding this in my in box was a real picker-upper on a day when I’m still struggling with whatever infection is having its wicked way with my sinuses.

I introduced Jenna to blogging in the News Writing class, and right away she started putting those skills to use as the SHU Admissions student blogger. She was one of many bright spots in a class that I really enjoyed teaching.

When I asked Jenna if I could post her message on my blog, she asked me to proofread it for her, first. (Don’t worry, Jenna, I didn’t need to change a thing.)