Renspeak Language Guide

I have noticed many people at fest, such as shopkeepers, pull out what they believe is their most formal language when the royalty visits them. This often means they struggle along with “thee/thou” in addressing the King & Queen when they should properly be using “you” (the phrase “Thy Majesty” doesn’t make sense, does it? It’s “Your Majesty.”). We don’t criticize them–they are putting forth an effort. But now you all know that it’s (grammatically!) easy to address the nobility–just use the modern “you” form. —Renspeak Language Guide (Rosalily’s Renfest Regalia)

Soon my students are going to write a sonnet, and some of them are going to want to echo the antiquated language.

If they do, this guide will help them avoid the cringe-inducing mistakes one often hears at Renaissance fairs.