Classic Arcade Sounds: Hear for Yourself

In late 1982, my best friend had a Sony TCS-310 Stereo Cassette Recorder. Audio cassette tape was the affordable recording media at the time and one wintery November day while on our way to the arcade ‘Just Fun’ in Ithaca, NY, we came up with the idea to record video game sounds. —Daniel P. HowerClassic Arcade Sounds: Hear for Yourself (

Visuals, schmizuals! We don’t need no steenkin visuals! Thanks to Mike Sichok for pointing out this little piece of heaven. Mike writes,

I love that you can also hear adjacent games in the background.. such as if you pick “Zaxxon,” you can also hear “Berzerk” and “Frogger” being played nearby. I forgot how ear shattering loud games were back then.. I remember a ton of bass, such as in “Tron,” and “Asteroids,” but geez. Hardcore…. kill the lights, turn on the blacklights, and turn this up.. I am in vintage bliss.