Tron's World: The Dawn Of Tron

Then one night Lisberger went to visit his in-laws, and everyone was crouched around the TV, playing Pong.

“They kept referring to the games, ‘Play the game,’ and since I had been working on a project called “Animalympics,” the idea of games to me meant more than that. It meant Olympic or gladiatorial games,” the director said. “Then I thought, ‘Well, our warrior should be in a gladiatorial game setting.’ From there the whole thing started to snowball.” It seems only fitting, then, that a film like Tron was conceived while playing the first video game ever created. —David KonowTron’s World: The Dawn Of Tron  (Tom’s Hardware Guide)

Pong was certainly an early video game, but it was not “the first video game ever created.” Tennis for Two was made in 1958, some 14 years before Pong.