[Using Wikipedia to Conquer Writer's Block]

Protagonist –> click –> a regional Canadian airline

Protagonist = pilot

Setting –> click –> some African herd animal

Setting = a savannah

Problem –> click –> some antidepressant drug

Problem = need to acquire medicine

Antagonist –> click –> some historical doctor

Antagonist = a doctor who won’t dispense the medicine (nice synch on that one)

Now adapt the above to a Fantasy setting. The protagonist is a dragon rider. He’s been sent afield to acquire some healing herbs for his dying king. He seeks out a Druid on the savannah who is reluctant to part with the herbs. He must talk the Druid into trading the herbs, or fight him and take them. —[Using Wikipedia to Conquer Writer’s Block] (PartiallyClips)

Use Wikipedia’s’s “random article” link to generate story ideas.