Conference on College Composition and Communication — Day 3

Conference on College Composition and Communication — Day 3 (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

I spent some time shopping for books and taking long coffee breaks (though I don’t drink coffee), so the blogging isn’t quite as detailed as last time. Still, today I got a good idea for the panel I’d like to propose for next year, and I found myself saying that someone needs to write an annotated bibliography of weblog scholarship, and I actually started thinking about doing it. (If someone else is already doing that, please, please tell me so I can do something else instead.)

I was intrigued over dinner, hearing Mike Edwards say that his students know that Xanga is for “asian kids” and LiveJournal is for “rich white girls.” Clancy Ratliffe also passed on a tip she heard as part of the “Where are all the women bloggers” issue — “Men are from MovableType, women are from LiveJournal.”

This is the first time I’ve been to a conference and found that I’ve known somebody on the dias or in the audience of every single session I attended.

But perhaps even cooler was when a stranger who overheard me talking about interactive ficiton (as I am wont to do) came closer, peered at my name tag, and asked whether I had written a text-adventure game that was entered in the 2001 interative fiction comp. It was Mike Duncan, whose Fusillade tied my Fine-Tuned for 18th place that year. He asked if I ever released a bug-fix version, and I assured him that I had. We spoke a little about the pending release of Inform 7.

See also CCCC 2006 Day 2.