Calling All Bloggers

Calling All Bloggers (CCCC 2006 Chicago — Day 3)

Mike Edwards and Clancy Ratliffe led a very productive special interest group on weblogs.

The project I had agreed to work on last year, seeking NCTE support for proposing some sort of official statement about the professional and pedagogial value of weblogs, fizzled. The NCTE had its national meeting in Pittsburgh in November, but this meeting had a very narrow focus. When I proposed a panel or workshop on blogs, I was told that it was not a good fit with the intended focus of the November conference. The sudden death of SIG member, blogger, and former CCCC chair John Lovas left me without access to the professional contacts I had been counting on. (Yes, I could have sent an e-mail to any number of people, but the chance to work with John was one reason I picked this task to follow up on. So it remains incomplete.)

I’m not going to blog much more about this, because we asked Mike to post his notes (which he projected on the overhead as he wrote them — very efficient) to KairosNews. I’ll add a link to it when it appears.

Six of us went out to dinner afterwards, and raised a glass to jocalo. The tag line of his archived website says it all:

John Lovas resides here. Actually, he’s a virtual John, a web clone, a cyber presence. John’s work is teaching. “Education should help you make a life and make a living,” he’s wont to say. This virtual residence will tell you more about how John makes a living than the life he has made, but you’ll find hints of that too.