The Significance of Electronic Poster Sessions

Rather than the familiar panels consisting of three 15-20 minute papers, a pitcher of water, and a brief Q&A (time permitting), these meetings were structured as “electronic poster sessions.” Multiple presenters stationed around the perimeter of the room in front of easel displays and laptop computers demonstrated their projects and spoke to anyone who stopped by with questions. —Steven E. JonesThe Significance of Electronic Poster Sessions (Inside Higher Ed)

This scholarly genre is nothing new. I’ve given several myself, one at a medieval drama convention, and one or two at the 4Cs.

What’s significant is that the Modern Language Association is interested in it.

I had high hopes for the Higher Ed Blog Con, which starts today, but both of the first presentations are delivered as downloaded linear files. The first one is an argument for screencasting — a lecture alternative. I can certainly understand why it would be useful to download a screencast about the value of screencasting, but the other is presented in 2 parts, which together will require almost an hour to watch. Were I actually at the conference, I could spend the time, but since I’m going to have to fit this conference in an already busy week, I don’t think I’m going to watch many hour-long linear, old-fashioned presentations. New wine, old wineskins.