Bob Ross Video Game

The Bob Ross game will utilize the unique inputs that the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Revolution have that can truly immerse the players while they learn to paint like Bob Ross and can play the addictive and fun games that we have planned for the title. I believe that Bob Ross Inc’s and AGFRAG Entertainment Group’s similar beliefs in independence, creativity, and teaching others will benefit how the game is developed and how the players of all ages will be able to enjoy this game.

I want the community to share with us their favorite Bob Ross shows, painting techniques, and what they?d like to see in the NDS and Revolution games. We want to keep the brush going.”
Bob Ross Video Game (

Bob Ross… the happy little clouds… the gravity-defying ‘do… the “addictive and fun” game!

This quote from the Bob Ross biography made me burst out laughing: “While some folks distract themselves toting iPods of sh*tty music around like colostomy bags, others prefer to remain focused on a cardboard canvas with a modest fan brush.”