Tickling the ELMO

Like most of the faculty on my campus, I typically just use the ELMO as an overhead projector to show handouts, but without having to go through the trouble of making a transparency, since it will project anything you put on it. In my mind, it’s even easier to operate than a PowerPoint presentation, and I’ll sometimes print out a quick outline for any lecture or class plan (in large font) and just project it, moving as we go through the class outline, keeping the hour organized. But I also like to experiment with the ELMO and see what other things it is capable of doing. After all, people’s eyes are naturally drawn to a big screen spectacle and there is a way to tap into this for educational purposes and to reach out to visual learners. These devices are fantastic for visual aids, but I haven’t seen professors using them very creatively, let alone with much expertise. It’s something worth taking advantage of to not only project information, but to put into action to keep a class’ attention (without, of course, using it as a DISTRACTION). –Mike Arnzen
Tickling the ELMO (Pedablogue)

A great fresh look at a piece of technology I use almost every day.