The Science Detectives


Wait a minute! Did you see that? An apple fell out of that tree!

[dramatic music; slow motion shot of falling apple]

This means there must be some sort of FORCE!


A force — a gravitational force!


Yes — and wait a minute — suppose the force stretched all the way to the moon!

Could that solve the problem?


To check on her theory, Cheryl must now do some abstruse calculations?

[CUT to images of Cheryl scratching head, blowing wisps of hair out of eyes, staring into computer screen, scribbling copious mathematics on paper (speeding up to very fast pace at the end)]

{Producer’s note — use that Tensor Calculus maths stuff from the Einstein program, it looks really good}


(Throwing down pencil): Got it! Its the INVERSE SQUARE!

[CUT to large red-painted plywood square on studio floor. Enter four men in white coats, who turn it over]


Cheryl has found that an inverse square law of gravity can explain the path of the moon and the sun around the earth. The crystal sphere theory is finally laid to rest!

[CUT to slow motion shattering of glass globe. Hold 2 minutes.] —The Science Detectives (Lab Lit)

A great spoof of fluffy science lite TV shows, from a website that focuses on the literary representation of scientists.