Blogging Portfolio

One item to discuss today is the final project for the class, your blogging portfolio. And among the items we need to consider are these:

* What should it include? (Will it highlight your best blogging, be an overview of what you tend to blog about and/or how you tend to blog, or a combination, or…?)

* What should it look like? (Will it be a blog entry? Will it be a separate web page?)

* How will it be assessed? —Donna Strickland Blogging Portfolio (English 4040)

I really like this teacher’s effort to involve students in the discussion of how the blogging portfolio should be evaluated. Blogging is a means to a very specific end in the lit classes I’m teaching right now, but in the fall I’ll be teaching Writing for the Internet again, and I’ll want to be sure to include criteria that reward expressive and outrageous blogging, in addition to the intellectual and introspective blogging that I typically expect from students in lit classes.

Anyway, this is a great way of implementing in the class structure the kinds of collaborative, interactive communication structures that make blogging different from traditional essay writing.