'Dorkbot' Meetings Develop Cult Following

The gathering was the monthly meeting of “Dorkbot,” a loose forum for the exchange of creative technological ideas that is developing a cult following around the world.


Repetto has finished a project called “foal table.” The idea originated in a request from a friend working on a theater production to design a table that transformed into a horse. Repetto watched videos of foals being born and carefully calibrated a mechanical table to make it walk in the awkward, stumbling manner of newborn horses.

“What it’s supposed to do is ridiculous because it’s a table and there is no reason for it to be walking,” Repetto said.

The idea is therefore perfectly Dorkbot a name that Repetto says is meant to appeal to people who like to stand back and experience awe in technology and creativity. —‘Dorkbot’ Meetings Develop Cult Following

Reading this article made me go “Ahhh!” Now that’s taking control of technology.