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When people drink they become totally different people and I do not feel that I should put myself in that situation because if something were to happen, I would mostly likely have no chance to protect myself from a 200 pound kid, who isn’t even thinking rationally. Next thing, I’ll wind up dead in a ditch. Now do you see why I think I have a problem? hah

I do not feel that people should be as paranoid and protective as I am, but I do think that there are precautions that people should take. I feel that I should be aware of who lives around me and I reguarly check my state’s sex offender registry website. It is called Megan’s Law and I think that it is important for people to log in and see who their surrounding neighbors are. —Gina BurgesePA Megan’s Law Website Info (GinaBurgese)

Gina is not currently taking a class with me, but from time to time she uses her blog as a soapbox. This entry really impressed me.