Curtain-Razing Baldwin Blow-Up: Off B'Way Star Quits Over Tantrums

She was supposed to slam the door, but Baldwin held the door so tight, she couldn’t close it.

“He made a drastic change in the blocking,” she said. “He was showing me the door, metaphorically. The stage management apologized to me about it later.”

Baldwin said, “If, in one show out of the scores of shows we have done, I changed the blocking in some modest way that wasn’t to Jan’s liking, I sincerely apologize. But Jan never said the lines in the play as Orton wrote them, and it wasn’t my inclination to tell The Post.”

Maxwell insists she knew all her lines: “Did I ever make goofs onstage? Yes. Did Alec? Yes. That’s just live theater.” —Curtain-Razing Baldwin Blow-Up: Off B’Way Star Quits Over Tantrums (NY Post)

Oh, those crazy artistes.

I’m not blogging this because I care about the personal lives of the actors. Instead, I’m amused by the different spins the two parties put on a core of facts about which they agree.

This is unusual because it doesn’t seem to be the reporter acting independently to put a scandalous spin on a routine event. Each of the two parties is trying to use their celebrity, and the reporter’s desire for juicy quotes, in order to attack the other.