Murtha to speak at May commencement

Congressman John P. Murtha will be the keynote speaker at this year’s commencement, Saturday, May 13 at 11 in the Katherine Mabis McKenna Center on Seton Hill’s Greensburg campus. —Alexandra NseirMurtha to speak at May commencement (Setonian)

I have heard both faculty and student grumblings about Murtha, who is, depending on who’s talking, either pro-labor or anti-business, pro-life or anti-woman, pro-Iraq withdrawal or anti-American, and pro-2nd-Amendment or a gun nut.

I just hope he’s a more inspiring speaker than the one who described getting high on marijuana on the day he graduated from college and basically told all the graduates that what they had just spent 4 years doing was crap, or the one that spent most of the time reading a sappy urban legend that’s been going around the internet for years.