Lost in 'Lost': Devoted 'Lost' fans try to decode hit TV show's symbolism

Millman, whose essay is called “Game Theory,” sees “Lost’s” structure attracting fans via familiarity: She thinks it works like an interactive video game. “The story line and the action develop on multiple levels. There are hidden clues that function like the Easter eggs in gaming,” says Millman. “‘Lost” is a big game, and the act of watching it forces you to play along.” —Lost in ‘Lost’: Devoted ‘Lost’ fans try to decode hit TV show’s symbolism (AZ Central.com)

I haven’t watched more than a snippet of this show, but my wife sometimes watches it while I’m putting the kids to bed. Looks like good TV that respects the intelligence of the audience, and a good example of how the internet, literary analysis, and transmedial crossovers can add value to an experience. (I’m referring to the fake TV commercial, a real novel supposedly written by a character on the island, etc.)