Text Adventres

In any field, it’s important to keep track of the underdogs the new developments and theories, the older hypotheses once thought exhausted of information. Doesn’t matter if you’re in writing, physics, psychology, or athletics, keeping a broad horizon pays off. That’s what I’m doing here — showing you the underdogs of gaming. You might find something you like. —Karl “Orikaeshigitae” ParakeningsText Adventres (Cardinal Points)

Good to see some more mainstream attention given to contemporary interactive fiction. The obligatory “history of interactive fiction” section takes up much of the article, which is the same frustration I found when I was researching 1980s articles for my IF annotated bibliography, since I’m more interested in reading this particular author’s unique take on IF than in reading yet another paraphrasing of the same backstory. (Don’t these people know how to use hyperlinks?) Still, I’m happy I found this column. Via GTA.