This Blog will self destruct in less than twelve hours

But even still I wrote about work inbetween pictures of me drinking, opiononated rants on creationism and conservation, I use the words cunt and twat and fuck. I joke about kicking babies and coat hanger abortions. I wax poetic about spring breaks past and Zombie movies.

Once I made it up to the meeting they had to change thier game plan. They had my entire blog printed out with pictures and highlighted passages. I was told as soon as I walked in that I was being terminated. The reason was the content of my blog. My blog had to be removed and my myspace account had to be deconstructed. I had untill noon the next day. I was still sobbing kind of quietly but I didn’t want them to think that I was ashamed of what I had written. My parents read my blog. My old college friends keep up with my life through my blog. I took my badge off and looked at the mean HR lady who was smiling smuggly at me. She told me perhaps next time I would be more wise in my lifestyle and decision making choices regaurding work.

I was fired because of the way I represented myself on the internet. —Jessa JeffriesThis Blog will self destruct in less than twelve hours (Metafilter)

I looked briefly at Jeffries’ blog before it went down, and quite frankly I can’t say that I’m surprised.

It’s not a First Amendment issue if an employer decides your blog makes you the kind of person they wouldn’t want to hire. Jeffries called the kids for whom she presented “dummies,” she linked to porn and myspace exhibitionists, used a church-sign generator to publish offensive messages, posted photos of herself and friends drinking, etc.

While none of these activities is illegal, and while the behind-the-scenes view of working at an animal museum is well written and entertaining, quite frankly I’m not at all surprised that her employers took this approach.

Threatening to sue her unless she deletes her entire blog — including the entries that have nothing to do with her workplace — strikes me as overkill.

Still, Jeffries showed very poor judgment.