Games with no pictures? Yes, they really did exist

Early on, the visionary geeks among us at these institutes of higher education realized that these computing machines were great for games, and a whole lot more fun than a slide rule.

These side projects took on a life of their own, and resulted in the popularity of games like “Adventure” and “Colossal Cave.” —Tom LeuoldGames with no pictures? Yes, they really did exist (

Uh… “Adventure” and “Colossal Cave” are different names for the same game, which is also known as “Colossal Cave Adventure.”

Of course, the Crowther/Woods collaboration that spread on the internet begat numerous modifications, so it’s entirely possible that one game that presented itself as “Colossal Cave” and another that presented itself as “Adventure” opened so differently that they might be remembered as separate games.

For fun, here’s a comic in which a T-Rex talks about text adventure games.