Schools crack down on inappropriate blogs

Illegal or inappropriate blogging or social behavior over the Internet is now a violation of District 128’s student code of conduct at both Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools and can lead to denial of extracurricular student privileges. —Ed Collins

Schools crack down on inappropriate blogs (Sun Times)

According to the article, the new school code uses this language: “Maintaining or being identified on a blog site which depicts illegal or inappropriate behavior will be considered a violation of this code.”

Clarity is defeated once more by a passive verb!

If Billy puts up a blog in which describes himself doing illegal or inappropriate things, and he also posts a picture of Sally reading a book in the library and says, “Sally is a good girl who never misbehaves,” then according to the wording quoted above, Sally is in violation of the code. She has been identified on a blog site which depicts illegal or inappropriate behavior.

I think it’s safe to assume that’s not what the authors of the code intended. Overall, though, because this code does not prohibit such blogging, but rather spells out the potential consequences, this code is probably a good way to prepare students for what to expect when they head into the workplace.

This confusing passive language might be part of a well-intended hint to encourage the students to post anonymously, while at the same time warning students that if they publicize their anonymous blog, someone is likely to make their true identity public.

Thanks for the link, Matt.