Technology leaves teens speechless

With their mouths largely shut but their laptops and flip phones open, teenagers’ bedrooms are beginning to sound like the library.

So is the dinner table. On her show May 10, Ellen DeGeneres ribbed guest Lindsay Lohan: “Every time I’ve seen you, you’re out with eight or nine girls, having dinner. You’re all sitting around the table on your BlackBerries.” Lohan matter-of-factly explained that she had “like 1,000” messages to answer.

Not long ago, prattling away on the phone was as much a teenage rite as hanging out at the mall. Flopped on the bed, you yakked into your pink or football-shaped receiver until your parents hollered at you to get off.

Now, Sidekicks and iBooks are as prized as Mom’s Princess phone, and conversations, the oral kind, are as uncomfortable as braces. Which makes employers and communications experts anxious: This generation may be technologically savvier than their bosses, but will they be able to have a professional discussion? —Olivia BarkerTechnology leaves teens speechless (USA Today)

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