Ka-Boom! A shockingly unconventional meat tenderizer

They sliced a piece of tough beef in two, bagged half of it in plastic, and dropped it into the bottom of a 50-gallon paperboard drum of water. Then they suspended conventional explosives in the water and retired to a nearby bunker. From there, they watched in safety as a television displayed the ensuing detonation.

“The drum totally disappeared. There were just little pieces of paper fiber all over,” Long recalls. The meat, ejected to the side of a nearby hill, was missing for fully 15 minutes.

Once the treated meat had been retrieved, Long cooked it, along with its untreated counterpart, on a grill he had lugged to the site. —Ka-Boom! A shockingly unconventional meat tenderizer (Science News)

Tenderizing meat… with explosions! What an awesome job! Thanks for the link, Rosemary.