She Looked Like a Little Girl Who Had to Go Potty

Western civilization did not exactly end last night as Katie took to the anchor chair. But the changing of the guard did represent another kind of cultural change.

As of yesterday, network TV has proven it no longer feels the need to pretend that its nightly news broadcast is sober stuff, populated by earnest men and women with serious reporting backgrounds and working blow-dryers.

It was not just Katie’s legs. Or her clothes. Or her unnervingly high-pitched and overmodulated voice, more appropriate for a weather girl in Tampa than a national broadcaster. It was all these things together – and more. —Andrea PeyserShe Looked Like a Little Girl Who Had to Go Potty (New York Post)

Ouch. I’m far too impatient to watch TV news, especially now that I have DSL at home. But blogging this catty critique was irresistable.