Montreal gunman liked 'Columbine' game

A man with a black trench coat whose shooting rampage in a Montreal college killed one person and wounded 19 others before he was slain by police said on a blog in his name that he liked to play a role-playing Internet game about the Columbine shootings. —Montreal gunman liked ‘Columbine’ game (Yahoo! | AP)

Of course it must have been the video game that caused this horrible tragedy. And to think — he blogged about it, too!

The mainstream media coverage of Columbine was only reporting and reflecting on something that was there already, right? Only video games and things people write in their online profiles can cause people to snap like that.

Damn those games! Damn those blogs! They’re ruining society!

Kimveer Gill’s vampirefreaks gallery also includes a shot of his favorite movie poster (The Corpse Bride), and alcohol; his profile (what the mainstream media seem to be calling a blog) includes the following shout-out to Quentin Tarantino: “Keep making those kick ass movies man, you rock.”