Documents to Go and VersaMail Woes

Documents to Go and VersaMail Woes (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) I love my Tungsten T3 handheld computer. I also love Documents to Go, which is bundled software that lets me edit files (mostly word processor, but also spreadsheet and slide show) on my handheld, and then synch my changes with the version of the file on my desktop. It’s great for whenever someone is late for a meeting or I have to…

Top ten ways you know it's Setonian production week

I am the editor in chief of the Setonian. During production week, I live, breathe and worship all that is QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop, copyeditor’s marks and the Associated Press Style manual. People don’t really see me that much, that is, if you don’t count the back of my head, which is turned in the direction of the glowing Mac in front of me. The same is true of the entire…


The Laundromat

I watched a group of people popularly assumed to be rude, brash, loud and forward carefully negotiate the lack of washing machines, driers and laundry baskets, politely assisting when the time-lags were evident, ignoring the intrusions on personal space with almost Scandinavian stoicism, and happily folding their clothes side by side; Spanish, Irani and Irish. It was beautiful. It made me believe in human cooperation, also in the United States.…


Firefox Upgrade Resets Personal Settings (and keeps resetting them)

Firefox Upgrade Resets Personal Settings (and keeps resetting them) (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) My preferred web browser is Firefox, but this morning when I logged in, Firefox had upgraded itself automatically, and it wiped all my bookmarks and personal settings. I was able to reload the bookmarks pretty easily, but the darn thing is resetting to the defaults every time I change the navigation bars to the configuration I want. I…


A knitted homage to Dawn of the Dead.

Zombies, eh? They’re us, and we’re them. When the worst comes to the worst what we should really fear is ourselves, and each other. I think that’s what Jerry Springer was really trying say. All of which serves as a very lengthy introduction to my latest completed project. A knitted homage to Dawn of the Dead. —han —A knitted homage to Dawn of the Dead. (cakeyvoice)


Pope's focus: Reason — Its relationship to the divine was the subject of a recent speech that upset some Muslims.

The quotation that caused all the furor involves a 14th-century dialogue between a Byzantine emperor and an educated Persian on the subject of Christianity and Islam. The pope quotes the emperor, who says: “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by sword the faith he preached.” Fighting words to be sure, but…