Documents to Go and VersaMail Woes

Documents to Go and VersaMail Woes (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

I love my Tungsten T3 handheld computer.

I also love Documents to Go, which is bundled software that lets me edit files (mostly word processor, but also spreadsheet and slide show) on my handheld, and then synch my changes with the version of the file on my desktop. It’s great for whenever someone is late for a meeting or I have to stand in line. I get a lot of paperwork done, and store a lot of brainstorming.

I’m also happy with VersaMail, which is bundled software that synchronizes my e-mail, batch downloading my in box (with attachments up to a certain size).

But for the past month or so, when I try to open an attachment in VersaMail, I get “You have not saved the changes you made to your last open document. Documents to Go will open this document now.”

The only option to click is “OK,” and what I see next is just the list of my Docs to Go files — no file opens for me to save.

This means I cannot open any attachments.

I guess that’s not technically true. I can save the attachments to my expansion card, and open them from there, but they won’t automatically open, and I’ll have multiple copies of the same file that might get out of synch.

This was a minor bother over the summer, but now that the semester is in full swing and I’m getting more e-mails, it’s becoming a pain.

A handful of other people have mentioned the same problem in support forums, but nobody has bothered to post answers.

If I find the answer, I’ll be sure to post it here. If you’re looking for the answer, too, feel free to share your tales of woe.