Judge doesn't object to video game `Bully'

On Wednesday, Friedman ordered Take-Two to give him a copy of the game, along with providing someone to play the game for him to watch before he made a decision. A Take-Two employee played the game for the judge Thursday afternoon, using a cheat code to go through the game faster.

A game like Bully is designed to take several days to complete. Friedman said he watched the game for two hours. But Thompson, who was present at the viewing, said it was only for one hour.

”You did not see the game,” Thompson told Friedman at Friday’s hearing. “You don’t even know what it was you saw.”

Thompson said he disapproved of a Take-Two employee taking the judge through a game because the employee could have avoided making violent choices. —Bridget CareyJudge doesn’t object to video game `Bully’ (Miami Herald)

Thompson has a good point. Watching a game for one or two hours is not the same thing as playing it. No doubt a person who was devoted to getting the game banned could have played the game with the sole purpose of showing the most violent sequences.