MySpace Avoidance Fails Miserably

If I wanted to meet people, I wouldn’t be sitting on my ass filling out a MySpace profile. So I skip that and move on to Interests. Exhaustive lists of interests are a major feature of MySpace pages, which is odd because very few of them include “reading other people’s exhaustive lists of interests.” I put down a few of my passions (cabin fever, eyeglass wipes, people and animals named “Esmerelda”…) and move on to the trial by fire: musical interests.

Frankly, I can’t afford to list anything. You know the part in The Hobbit where Smaug the dragon accidentally reveals a vulnerable patch on his chest and subsequently gets shot down like a fire-breathing partridge? Revealing your favorite bands is kind of like that, only not incredibly nerdy. —Lore SjöbergMySpace Avoidance Fails Miserably (Wired)