Allen’s Revenge: Exposes Underage Sex Scenes in Opponent’s Novels

Webb’s novels disturbingly and consistently — indeed, almost uniformly — portray women as servile, subordinate, inept, incompetent, promiscuous, perverted, or some combination of these. In novel after novel, Webb assigns his female characters base, negative characteristics. In thousands of pages of fiction penned by Webb, there are few if any strong, admirable women or positive female role models. — Press release issued by Sen. George Allen (R-Va), regarding the writing of his Democratic challenger, Jim Webb. —Allen’s Revenge: Exposes Underage Sex Scenes in Opponent’s Novels (Drudge Report)

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Should a candidate’s published fiction be used against him in a political debate? Does the artistic accomplishment of an author (or vocalist, or actor, or supermodel, or zucchini-juggler) lend that person’s political views any added intellectual weight?

Does your answer depend on whether the author in question falls on your side of the political fence or on the other side?