Web inventor fears for the future

“All kinds of disciplines are going to have to converge. People with all kinds of skills are going to have to work together to build a new web which is going to be even better,” he said.

He also said employers were now beginning to complain that there were not enough people who fully understood the web.

“There aren’t any courses at the moment and it hasn’t really been brought together.

“We’re hearing complaints from companies when they need people that really understand the medium from both the technological and social side.

“When you look at university courses, web science isn’t there – it seems to fall through the cracks.

“So we’d like to put it on the curriculum so that there are a lot more people who understand this.” —Web inventor fears for the future (BBC)

This term, I’m teaching a 200-level “Writing for the Internet” course and a 400-level “New Media Projects” course, which are in some ways the freakiest English courses I’ve ever taught, since I find myself talking about ethics one minute and Euclidean geometry the next.

The sociological and the technological are inseparable in such an environment.