The Google Book

FAR! FAR away, the Google lives, in a land which only children can go to. It is a wonderful land of funny flowers, and birds, and hills of pure white heather. […] The sun is setting ? Can’t you hear A something in the distance Howl!!? I wonder if it’s ? Yes!! it is That horrid Google On the prowl!!! —V.C. Vickers, 1913 —The Google Book (Google Blogoscoped)

Scott Murphy

One day when we’re literally halfway through SQ4, Mark and I were called into Ken’s office. We were asked what we thought about using the (dumbass) point-and-click interface that they were using, in I guess it was King’s Quest 5 then, and what we thought about putting it in SQ4. We said we wanted to keep the parser. Ken and Bill Davis asked us to talk about it together and…