Scott Murphy

One day when we’re literally halfway through SQ4, Mark and I were called into Ken’s office. We were asked what we thought about using the (dumbass) point-and-click interface that they were using, in I guess it was King’s Quest 5 then, and what we thought about putting it in SQ4. We said we wanted to keep the parser. Ken and Bill Davis asked us to talk about it together and then tell them what we wanted to do the next day. After the meeting, Mark and I agreed without hesitation as we walked out Ken’s office door that there was absolutely no way we wanted the point-and-click. The next day when we came in, Bill Davis tracked Mark down and asked him what we’d decided. Mark told him that we’d decided to keep the parser, to which Bill instantly replied something to the effect of, “But you can’t do that. Ken has already decided that you have to use the point-and-click!” —Scott MurphyScott Murphy (Adventure Classic Gaming)

Legendary Sierra designer Scott Murphy, co-creator of the Space Quest series, reflects on the disappearance of the text-based parser that was part of all the early Sierra games.